Sneakers with what pants? Most boys do not know

In fact, you may not love sports, but you certainly have several pairs of sports shoes. Now people not only pursue fashion more emphasis on comfort, so you will see people wearing street shoes, clover, New Balance. There are many classic styles we all have, but we in addition to the brain sweatpants what can be with it?

Sneakers + jeans
The most classic match is still sports shoes and jeans, and if the choice of shoes and jacket color is also a good Look, this mix is ​​very casual style, try to choose straight jeans more coordinated.
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Breathable running shoes has become a fashion, comfortable upper material is not cut with high elasticity, lightweight rubber sole wear durable. The resilience and toughness of shoes are excellent, the color is also very good with.

Sports shoes + overalls
Light-colored sports shoes with camouflage overalls are also very handsome, harmonious color regardless of straight or small feet seem to meet the public taste, rolled up trousers revealing a cross section of the ankle is more stylish.
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Leather sports shoes at a glance to have a special texture, which is particularly suitable for dry and breathable love sports boys, cushioning in the end and the tension of the shoe laces have brought a comfortable experience, walking a bit not tired.

Sneakers + small trousers
These two eight-pole can not beat a single product with abnormal harmony, two different styles of collocation in the recent has become a trend, but also to suppress the occasion.

Lightweight shoes are always welcome, knit vamps have a special personality, easy to wear one off the tongue, comfortable after the foot type, the biggest bright spot is the bottom of the popcorn shape is particularly eye-catching.


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